Originally debuted at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the

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 Ferrari 599 GTB Fionaro was provided as a unique blend of car brilliance and Grand Touring enjoyment. As the successor to the 575 Maranello, the 599 capabilities a far more competitive design in addition to advanced energy output, making it one of the fastest Grand Tourers of its time. Produced from 2006 to present day, the 599 GTB is maximum typically to be had as a Grand Tourer 2-seat Berlinetta however can also be Visit :- ธรรมชาติสุดแปลก

Ferrari 599 GTB Fionaro is a long call for a car, but for Ferrari’s current manufacturing Grand Tourer it bears a considerable amount of symbolism. The numerical cost of 599 resembles the engine displacement of 5,999 ccs for a big 6.0 Liter V12 engine, Ferrari’s biggest till the FF came along. The GTB is brief for Grand Turismo Berlinetta, which in Italian shows the sporty nature of this two seater coupe supposed for long, excessive performance trips. Ending with Fionaro, a specially thrilling touch for a call, resembles the call of the private Ferrari check track in Maranello, Italy. The ultimate piece is especially exciting for this unique version line as the outgoing version, the 575 Maranello, is named after the city wherein Ferrari is centered. Perhaps the successor to the 599 might be named after a Ferrari headquarters conference room.

The design itself is putting enough warrant some drawn-out glances. With compelling curves that weave their way down over the long nose hiding the 6.Zero-liter V12, one would handiest dare to come back closer. The sides of the coupe protrude with fender flairs which can be pushed out by means of wide axles, even as the rear is a menacing move between an Enzo and the 575 Maranello. It is Beautiful, sincerely, however that’s what Grand Tourers are recognised for. Aston Martin would not hire designers from the Prius product line, nor does Bentley rent GM designers, so it might handiest make feel that the Ferrari design would be performed by way of Pininfarina.

Beneath the eye-catching layout hides the 612 horsepower 6.Zero-liter 12-cylinder engine with 448 toes-lb of torque that peaks horsepower and torque at 7,six hundred RPM and 5,600 RPM respectively, with a redline of 8,four hundred RPM. The most powerful collection production Ferrari vehicle of the time, most effective to be bested by way of the brand new 2012 Ferrari FF. That sort of power for a 6.Zero liter engine method that this is one of the few engines to get 100 horsepower consistent with liter of displacement without the help of a faster or supercharger. The 599 GTB Fionaro weighs in at 1,688 kg (3,721 lbs), making it lighter than the Ferrari FF (1,885 kg) and the 575 Maranello (1,730 kg). Put the two collectively, mild weight Grand Tourer and 100 horsepower in line with liter and also you get an amazingly short zero to 60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a pinnacle speed of 205 MPH. Aston Martin’s V12 6.0-liter DBS does 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and hits a top speed of only one hundred ninety MPH. That seems like an superb advantage for Ferrari over Aston Martin.

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